Dovetail Group (UK) always seeks to deliver social value commitments on our contracts, (such as training, employment and other initiatives that directly benefit the local communities where we are working), in line with our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and to meet the community benefit objectives and aspirations of our public and private sector clients. We have countless examples where we have instigated or supported a variety of initiatives that have delivered real and meaningful benefits to local people, local SMEs and local economies generally, leaving a legacy long after the completion of our contracts.

Engage with local schools and colleges and participate in curriculum support initiatives aligned to the course syllabus.
Support local charities and community groups, through the donation of funds and Dovetail staff volunteering their own time to support organised events.
Advertise locally in the communities where we are working.
Use suppliers who are local, where possible, to the geographical lot where we are working.

The recent launch of Dovetail Training has facilitated a massive increase in the ways we can give back to the community, such as the implementation of the Mini-Medics scheme. This scheme provides primary school children with what we feel is vital knowledge about essential Health & Saftey practices such as CPR and what to do in an emergency. We have many schools under our management and we offer this course free for a school year of their choice, with students receiving a certificate on completion.

In recent years, emphasis on the environment and conservation has increased in the public consciousness, and Dovetail Group (UK) are, due to the range of services we have provided for many years, well placed to be one step ahead of both the public mood and our client’s considerations. In addition, our own in-house policies towards raw material wastage, recycling and our commitment to lowering CO2 emmisions make us one of our industry’s most forward thinking companies for Corporate Social Responsibilty.

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