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Over 10 years experience in Facilities Management, Environmental Services and Waste Management.

Years of name recognition and a great reputation.



Family Values

We believe that our beginnings as a family business have encouraged us to remain grounded and continue to deliver our services based on our core family values. Evidence of this is our fantastic employee retainment rate clearly displaying our friendly working environment.

Investing In Staff

Investing in our staff is a great responsibility of ours, ensuring they’re provided with sufficient training and equipped properly. With our first ever employee, Luke Rawlings, now doing an excellent job leading our grounds division as Environmental Manager, after nearly 12 years with the company.


At Dovetail we believe communication is a massive contributing factor for successful delivery for our clients, both internally and externally. From liaising with our clients and keeping them updated constantly to making sure our teams are in contact at all times for efficiency and safety. In 2021 we delivered a mean response time of 3.8 hours.

Quality Control

Alongside our ISO 9001 & 14001 accreditations, our regularly upskilled workforce, robust auditing procedures and constant innovation, Dovetail Group are able to consistently exceed industry best practice in all business areas.


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Lee Butterworth - Director

Incorporating Dovetail in 2011, Lee has built Dovetail Group from the ground up. Leading from the top, ensuring Dovetail’s robust ISO accredited QMS policies & procedures are strictly adhered to, lee is a truly hands-on director, offering passionate and driven leadership across the business. If you'd like to contact Lee then please click the icon below to send a message.

Laura Butterworth - Director

Alongside Lee, Laura has been instrumental in the development of Dovetail Group. Laura is a key member of the team and over sees a lot of the client relations, and in house staff management, really reinforcing the family values within the company that her and Lee represent so proudly. If you'd like to contact Laura then click the Icon below to send a message.

Craig Macfarlane - Finance Director

Craig joins the business with an incredibly vast portfolio. Since joining he has been crucial in taking the companies finance and cashflow measures to the next level which has enabled us to generate more of our dream clients.

Lee Cozens - Sales Director

Lee joins the Dovetail Group with 16 years’ experience and a strong track record of Corporate Sales & Business Development. His primary focus is to create and head up the strategy to grow the Dovetail Group by double digit percentage, each year. In summary, this will come from protecting & supporting our valued existing customers and securing new customers across all 5 areas of the business.

We Work With Fantastic Clients

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