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2 Hour response time on New Years Eve.

Dovetail's facilities management team received an emergency call out on December 31st for a water leak at Elmwood Court in Edgbaston. After a proper diagnostics from the team of experts at Dovetail, the water leak was being caused by a severed water mains feed, a project thatd would take 5 weeks which Dovetails responded to promptly.

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People and operational excellence

With the anticipation for a quick fix job on a water leak, dovetail had to adapt to the demands on New Years Eve and begin a 5 week project to fix the severed water mains. Project Manager Nathan Hayes’ team of skilled operatives were able to correctly diagnose the problem the first time round and ensure no time was wasted with the project as it was already so detrimental.

With the initial call out on the 31st of December 2021, Dovetail Group responded promptly to a flagged leak from an apartment based in Elmwood Court, on new years eve, reinforcing our ability to provide a punctual serviceout of hours even on the holidays.

Immediately a team was sent out to examine the leak at Elmwood Court, with the anticipation for this to be an in and out job, ready to get back to celebrating the new year, Dovetail Group’s experts were quickly able to analyse and examine the leak soon realising that the leak in one of the apartments was merely a surface issue of an underlying problem. We discovered the mains feed servicing the high rise apartments was actually severed and this would need attending to urgently or the problem would become greater. The Dovetail Team also analysed the fact that Elmwood Court were losing a whopping 3000 litres of water per hour due to this. What was initially a quick fix turned out to be a 5 week job that DTG attended to with the highest level of competence.

Upon realising that the fundamental issue of the leak was from a severed mains feed in the high rise apartments block, Dovetail Group made sure to act as quickly possible.

Where we initially anticipated a quick fix, we had to adapt during the holidays and equip ourselves for a 5 week job. This involved Dovetails team of experts taking up the slabs and pathway from the 2nd block entrance at Elmwood Court and repairing the water mains that were severed. After 5 weeks, 6 plumbers and 4 grounds workers, we successfully repaired the water mains and fixed the leak that was causing Elmwood to lose 3000 litres of water per hour.

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