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Fountains (OCS) - Graffiti Removal

Dovetail Group were tasked with removing the graffiti on the Birmingham Canal Network.

In 2022, Birmingham is set to host the Commonwealth Games, the 3rd time the games have been hosted in the United Kingdom. As a result, the area is receiving a large amount of inward investment to get the city and the surround areas ready for the tournament.

One of the beneficiaries of this funding is The Canal & Rivers Trust, who have been provided with a significant grant to improve the appearance, safety and usability of the surround canal networks.

One of the major areas of improvement the Canal & Rivers Trust is undertaking is the removal of the extensive graffiti along the network.

In September 2019, Dovetail Group successfully tendered for the first phase of graffiti removal on the Old Mainline Canal.

Covering 10 locations from Smethwick Station Bridge, down to Cape Arm, DovetaIl Group delivered a program of steam and chemical neutral cleaning over a 3 week period.

The works were completed to schedule, with fantastic results, & we have since been awarded an additional and far more extensive programme which is due to commence in March 2020.

Equipment – Torik Steam Cleaning Machine
Chemicals – East

Job Details
Location - Smethwick Station Bridge To Cape Arm Date - September 2019
Cleaning - Torik Steam Clean Machine Chemicals - East

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