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Dovetail Fire

Fire Door Installations & Maintenance

Our Fire Protection division recognises that the removal & replacement of Fire Doors must be carried out with the upmost consideration for the safety of the people, environment, and any trade-off between quality, effective management & compliance must be kept at a minimum.


Fire Door Installations & Maintenance

Dovetail Fire applies this method across all of our fire door initiatives and live work sites, regardless of whether we’re annually overseeing multiple projects, collaborating with property management companies, or assisting councils throughout the United Kingdom.

Our Fire Engineers are FIRAS accredited, meaning all work carried out is to the highest industry standard.

Fire Door Installations & Maintenance

Non Compliance

The significance of Passive Fire Protection has always been present. Nonetheless, it’s only in the wake of recent tragedies like Grenfell and the rising awareness that individuals are beginning to understand the critical role Fire Protection plays in averting catastrophes.

Findings from over 100,000 fire door inspections conducted by FDIS’s certified inspectors in 2021 revealed that 75% of fire doors did not comply with the necessary standards.

Non Compliance

It’s crucial that we significantly enhance these statistics for the safety of individuals, aiming to extinguish the possibility of further disasters that result in loss of life. Some Examples:


Each of our departments compliment our other core business areas affording our clients the ability to use Dovetail Group as a main contractor for larger projects with significant cost savings.

Peter Rogers

Head of Passive Fire Protection

Peter entered the Passive Fire Protection sector following the tragic Grenfell Tower incident in 2017. Motivated by this event, Peter developed a strong commitment to preventing such disasters in the future. With seven years of industry experience, he has now joined the Dovetail Group to continue his mission, sharing their values.

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