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Restoring 750M of the canal stretch.

After The Canal And River Trust received funding to restore the towpath, Dovetail Group were appointed as the contractor to undergo the works. The works took place from Shirley Drawbridge to Bridge 7 at Solihull High Street.

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People and operational excellence

The project commenced on the 14th of February with an estimated duration of 6 weeks which Dovetail Group achieved in 5. The operatives endured a mix of weather conditions including working through Storm Dudley & Eunice, which altered the level of risk management and safety precautions for Project Manager Nathan Hayes.

The operatives were tasked to excavate the existing path in order to make room for a type 1 MOT stone to be laid to ensure a solid new foundation.

The team then applied a self binding stone to provide a level and aesthetic finish for the public to enjoy.

Final touches included additional bird boxes being installed and the added extra of entrance to the towpath being renovated to bring the project together.

Nathan Hayes

Project Manager

Nathan Joined our Building Maintenance division in February 2019, and quickly became an integral member of the team. A versatile tradesman, Nathan now assists with the pricing and delivery of our larger projects in a more senior capacity, managing several crews of operatives, engineers and decorators.

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