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Dovetail Fire


Ensuring yours doors & buildings are compliant to industry standards and do their job of preventing spread in the event of emergency.

Fire Door Surveys

Ensuring the Safety of Your Building

An analysis of over 100,000 fire door inspections conducted by FDIS-approved inspectors in 2021 revealed a staggering statistic: 75% of fire doors fell short of meeting the necessary standards, posing a significant risk to lives in the event of a fire.

It’s paramount for the safety of all individuals that we achieve perfection in this regard; even the slightest deviation could render a door ineffective during an emergency. This underscores the vital importance of our experts, who serve as our most invaluable asset in ensuring utmost safety.

Driving Innovation

A Key Component

Choosing Dovetail Group as your sole contractor for passive fire protection, big or small, is central to our fire strategy. 

Our innovative approach to fire compliance, coupled with our FIRAS certified engineers and in-house specialists, guarantees comprehensive services for your sites.


Private Or Commercial Fire Door Surveys

Our teams specialize in providing both one-time visits to update your private or commercial property to meet current standards, and regular services under cost-effective contracts, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of residents and site users in their homes. Additionally, we extend our expertise to a range of other facilities, including prisons, hospitals, schools, and similar institutions.

All our operatives are FIRAS certified and possess the highest level of training, guaranteeing comprehensive and high-quality surveys across all site areas


Each of our departments compliment our other core business areas affording our clients the ability to use Dovetail Group as a main contractor for larger projects with significant cost savings.

Peter Rogers

Head of Passive Fire Protection

Peter entered the Passive Fire Protection sector following the tragic Grenfell Tower incident in 2017. Motivated by this event, Peter developed a strong commitment to preventing such disasters in the future. With seven years of industry experience, he has now joined the Dovetail Group to continue his mission, sharing their values.

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