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Are Your Fire Doors Safe?

The Shocking Facts

Based on more than 100,000 fire door inspections carried out by FDIS’s approved inspectors in 2021, found that 75 per cent of fire doors failed to meet the required standards, putting lives at risk in the event of a fire. 

These are shocking figures, figures that shouldn’t exist. Especially after the disaster of Grenfell, it is clear that exponential change is needed to ensure the safety of the everyone. That’s where our mission starts, to change the industry for the better. It is currently still an overlooked industry and we’re striving to shed light on the potential risk that comes with not having the correct processes in place.

With hopes of increasing awareness, this article will show you everything you need to know about the standard of your doors and whether they are legal or compliant to industry standards.

at risk in the event of a fire.

How YOU Can Spot A Non Compliant Door

Perimeter Not Compliant

The top and sides of a fire door should be no less than 2mm and no more than 4mm. Failure to hit these measurements means your door won't protect against smoke passing through and increases the chance of a quicker burn.

Test this with a £1 coin! (3mm)

Intumescent Seals Damaged/Painted

fire and smoke door seals act as a barrier between smoke and the interior of a building, helping protect residents from serious injury, or death caused by exposure to toxic fumes during an emergency. These must be fitted as one.

Fire Rated Locks

Unrated Lock Type Fitted

If your door locks are fire rated, you should be seeing an engraved flame or a heart, with a CE marking and a BS number in some instances, without this, you could be at risk and be voiding your insurance.

Fire Door Threshold Should be under 8-10mm if not present with a smoke seal. 2-4mm if so.

Threshold Not Compliant

Threshold for the underside of a fire door if only protecting from fire should be no more than 10mm. If protecting from smoke as well, these should be drastically smaller and the same as the perimeter around the sides and top of the door. (2-4mm)

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