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Only 22 months to recover Waking Watch money.

The project first surfaced due the unfortunate event at Grenfel Tower in London, where the unsafe cladding on the exterior of the building was a leading factor in the growth of the fire. Off the back of this, the government announced a £30 million fund to pay for the costs of installing an alarm system in buildings with unsafe cladding. Alternatively the money was used also for Waking Watch services, which many property maintenance services opted for. Despite it being an acceptable risk mitigation strategy, the option of improving fire alarm systems was far more time and cost efficient.

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Project Brief

Dovetail Group were tasked to install new, cost effective fire detection and alarm systems in 110 apartments in Bristol as part of the Waking Watch Relief Fund. The solution Dovetail had to provide needed to cause minimal disruption to the residing tenants, and ensure it was going to be a cheaper alternative to having a Waking Watch system, which would have cost around £6000 PCM.
Dovetail partnered with Eurotech Fire Systems LTD to install their state of the art ‘Sygno-Fi’ systems across the complex.

Minimal disruption was paramount.

With the nature of the project, it was inevitable the
engineers would need access to residents flats to install the new fire alarms & wire them into the existing system.
In order to make this process as streamlined as possible, a booking system was set up by Dovetail’s Mechanical &
Electrical Manager, Derek Rhind, allowing all residents to book when they had their new fire detection and alarm system
installed, at their leisure.

In addition to this, the use of Eurotech’s Sygno-Fi device and the QR code system, meant commissioning each device was completely remote and took a matter of seconds.

Derek Rhind

Mechanical & Electrical Manager

Derek boasts nearly 40 years electrical experience, and a career involving work as both a specialist electrical contractor and project manager across all sectors, including oversees military contracts. Since 2018, Derek has overseen Dovetails growing M&E division, and is a passionate line manager committed to the development of engineers and apprentices of all skills levels in his dept.

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