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The Nature Of the Job

Being regulated and fire-compliant is not only a lawful right but should also be a humanitarian right. Our goal is to ensure all of our clients are covered to the greatest fire standards, so in the event of a fire, they can be as safe as possible.

This job involved a fire survey, followed by a door install once it was found they had doors that no longer met regulations. This is a crucial thing to have by law, which can often be overlooked, which in the event of a fire, can lead to catastrophic damage.

We carry out all sorts of surveys, from full building, and door surveys, to compartmentation surveys. It’s important that these are carried out if they haven’t been in a while.

Dovetail Group were called upon by our client Whitbread to carry out a fire door compliance survey. This involved checking all doors in the building to ensure they were up to firas standard. Upon completion, we identified doors linking directly to the kitchen that were not up to regulations. Being such a crucial entry and exit point, we booked them in for installs straight away.

We arrived and carried out the work, ensuring all work carried out, was compliant to firas regulations.

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