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The Nature Of the Job

One of the key concerns during Autumn with the build-up of Leaves & Debris are weak/overgrown trees. Overgrown trees can cause more severe damage if not attended to as it can result in heavy branches or whole trees falling from their bases, these are not safe in a public environment.

Dovetail Group’s Environmental team and tree surgeon teams are able to solve this issue, preventing accidents through either planned works or through emergency call-outs. We aim to keep the service as efficient as possible using our very own cherry pickers and equipment that aids in speeding up our process. 

We were called upon by West Midlands Railway to maintain their Grounds at Stourbridge Junction, the job entailed us sending one of our tree surgeons and our Grounds Maintenance experts.

They got to work straight away and wasted no time, starting on the tree line located towards the back of the car park near the tracks. With the help of our very own cherry picker, we were able to get straight up there and start trimming down the trees back toward the tree line, ensuring the public can park without worry of a falling branch or tree.

Whilst our tree surgeon cut away, our Grounds Maintenance experts were ensuring the ground be clear of branches and loose leaves, cutting down lower hedges.

After we cut above to spaces, we got to work on the other side near the tracks, negating the risk of debris landing on the tracks.

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