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4 Betula Utilis & 2 Quercus Palustris Fastigiata Installed

Dovetail Group worked alongside Balfour Beatty on a project which involved the installation and translocation of trees across Hereford City Link Road.

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People and operational excellence

The project involved Dovetail’s operatives installing 2 ‘Quercus Palustris Fastigiata’ and the translocation of 4 ‘Betula Utilis’ further down the road. The project had to be a night job to ensure minimal disruption to the public, which induced extreme health and safety precautions that were followed at all times with site operations managers from both Dovetail Group and Balfour Beatty.

Compliance & Safety was paramount during the works, especially during the excavating process, the operatives would constantly use their CAT scanners to ensure they weren’t going to compromise anything during the excavation.

Once the ground was excavation it was re – soiled with the beds for the new trees made, followed by the trees being planted and quality control checked for sizes and standardisation across the project.

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