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Health & Safety Training Courses

Dovetail Training Academy provide a wide range of Health & Safety courses that are accredited by IOSH ensuring complete quality control so we’re delivering the best training courses to the highest standards.

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Why are Health & Safety qualifications beneficial?

Dovetail Group operates in the Facilities, Environmental & Waste sectors, providing us with a full understanding on how important health and safety is in the workplace. With our range of teams that go out everyday to conduct highly dangerous tasks that require an advanced skillset and an extreme level of caution, we know how vital it is that Health & Safety is an absolute priority as the wellbeing of any operative or nearby citizen, is our primary concern.

Dovetail Group work with a variety of companies in the same industry, and there are many more industries that require this level of Health & Safety training to ensure the possibility of a workplace incident is as close to 0 as possible.

Health & Safety Courses We Offer

Working Safely

Managing Safely

Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers

Looking At The Figures

Key Health & Safety Statistics Reported By HSE

2,544 mesothelioma deaths due to past asbestos exposures (2020)

123 workers killed at work (2021/22)

441,000 working people sustained an injury at work according to the Labour Force Survey

51,211 injuries to employees reported under RIDDOR

Our Training Courses Cover a Range of Topics and Industries

Quality Control

With a strong foundation of recognised accreditations such as our ISO:9001, we strive to inspire this level of quality when developing with other companies, making sure our training is a reflection on our own work.

Robust & Regulated

To ensure our Training Academy is of the highest standards, we’ve partnered with some of the most prestigious regulating bodies in the UK, such as IOSH, Ofqual and more.

Team Development

With our knowledge and experience in industry services, we know that team development is essential when upskilling your staff and thats why Dovetail Training make it a top priority to reinforce team building.

The Dovetail Approach

Dovetail Training Academy takes the delivery of training courses and qualifications to the next level. 

While education is standardised, we do our utmost to ensure that our delivery is as coherent and inspiring as possible. It’s of great priority that our students receive the mutual respect that they deserve which drives them to engage. 

Over the years of experience Hayley Cozens, Head of Training & Compliance, has accumulated, he has developed a teaching style that engages everyone, and we’re proud to be able to deliver training this way.

Hayley Cozens

Head of Training

Hayley has an extensive background in training and development, with her impressive range of qualifications, and her wealth of experience as a qualified nurse she brings an unquestionable level of knowledge to Dovetail Group. Hayley is the head of the training academy, and will be overseeing all the courses and qualifications, ensuring they are delivered to the highest standards enabling the best development for your team.

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