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Dovetail Group 2022 in numbers so far

People and operational excellence

83% Average First Time Fix Rate

Dovetail Group have been working incredibly hard through the first half of the year, focusing on prioritising our existing clients and ensuring we never lose sight of the service we promise to provide. Using our integrated CAFM system BigChange, we’re delighted to see that over the first 5 months of the year we’ve sustained an 83% average first time fix rate, a figure we’re incredibly proud of since we have taken on multiple new contracts so far this year. Being able to sustain such a high figure during an adjustment period provides us a solid foundation to develop from.

We have a 100% job completion rate, with a 70% completion rate inside the desired timeframe. In addition to this, Dovetail have sustained our previous years response time with an average response time of 3.8 hours, across all services such as Grounds Maintenance, Reactive Maintenance, Cleaning, Electrical and more.


Our case study on Elmwood Court, highlights our excellent start to the year with first time fix rate and response time, as we responded to an emergency call out on New Years Eve and responded in just 2 hours. We pride ourselves on our incredibly high first time fix rate , and it’s jobs like Elmwood that reinforce our ability to complete the job correctly, first time round. This was due to the callout being labelled as a ‘Water Leak’, it wasn’t until Dovetail’s operatives arrived they were able to correctly diagnose the issue as severed water mains underneath the entrance to the high rise apartments. This correct diagnosis could have saved the property managers multiple failed fixes and months of wasted time & money attempting to fix a water leak.

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