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Dovetail Group approved contractors for Turtle Bay

Dovetail Group Approved Reactive Maintenance Contractors For Turtle Bay

Dovetail Group are excited to announce the contract award for all Reactive Maintenance services for Turtle Bay.

The famous and fast growing Caribbean establishment specialise in customer experience and their pride in ensuring every cocktail & dish are delicious, immersing their customers in a form of a Caribbean escape.

Dovetail Group have been fortunate to win a range of contracts over the last 6 months, many of which have allowed the company to expand into the hospitality industry as the company grows their list of commercial clients.

Operating predominantly in the West Midlands, Dovetail Group will an approved contractor for all Reactive Maintenance needs. Our Reactive division has grown at a considerable rate over the last 12 months, which has proved to be an inevitable challenge but with our steady growth and our investment in staff, we have successfully been able to deliver all our contracts and satisfy our clients, putting us in a strong and able position to take on more work.

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